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web scraper tool?
  bigredhoss, Sep 27 2015

i'm looking for something that i can use to scrape posts on another forum that fall within certain parameters i set. anyone have any recommendations for this? if not i think i could build it myself in Python, but i'm not that good at programming and just looking to save some time.

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i have made an ice penis
  bigredhoss, Aug 15 2015

i had a Powerade drink that i put in the freezer, forgot about it and it froze completely solid, pretty standard.

so i let it melt for a while, and started drinking it when it was partially melted but the middle was still frozen.

after a bit i noticed there was an ice penis in my Powerade, so i cut the bottle open so it could be shared with you all:

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Fuck You Taco Bell
  bigredhoss, May 05 2015

As some of you may know, traditional Mexican establishment Taco Bell is giving out free biscuit tacos this morning in honor of Cinco de Mayo. I haven't been to Taco Bell in years but decided to go and collect my free food.

At the drive-thru there were only two vehicles in front of me, not bad considering the occasion.

me: "1 Bacon Egg & Cheese biscuit taco (free) and 1 Chicken w/Honey Jalapeno Sauce biscuit (because I'm not just going to eat 1 fucking taco)"

girl: "Sorry, we're out of chicken"

me: "Ok, 1 Bacon Egg & Cheese + 1 Sausage Egg & Cheese"

girl: "Sorry, we're out of sausage"

Whatever bitch, just get me 2 Bacon Egg & Cheese biscuit tacos.

I drive forward and start waiting, the same two vehicles in front of me. 5 minutes becomes 10 becomes 20. For the FIRST car in line. By this time there were a bunch of cars behind me and there's no way for me to just drive away. The first guy finally leaves, and there's one vehicle left ahead of me, a minivan with a man and what I assume was his 5-6 year old son. They wait for about ANOTHER 10-15 minutes. Then without getting served, this man, who is probably a hard-working citizen and wonderful human being, honks his horn for about 10 seconds straight, makes some gestures at the window, then drives off.

I think his honking got someone's attention, because as soon as I pulled up to the window, this 40-something tweaker lady with a big scab on the side of her mouth apologizes and says they're short-staffed.

Then she asks me to repeat my order, LOL. After I tell her she disappears for a few minutes, then this really tall skinny guy who looks like he has down syndrome randomly opens the window and asks me what I need a refund for..(???)..I tell him I don't need a refund for anything. He apologizes, wait a few more minutes, then tweaker lady comes back. She tells me they are out of tacos, and asks if there's anything else she could get me. I ask her if there's something of similar value they could give me. She closes the window and starts talking into her headset microphone, I guess to Taco Bell HQ or wherever such high-level decisions are made.

She comes back a couple minutes later with EXACTLY what I ordered, 2 Bacon/Egg/Cheese biscuit tacos (....). After having spent nearly an hour at the Taco Bell drive-thru, I drove away and started unwrapping them. One was cold, completely unheated, the other was warm. I mean what the fuck, how can one be heated and one not????? Wouldn't it at least make more sense if they forgot to heat both?? FFS

Anyway, I got back to my apartment, took a couple small bites out of one, it was disgusting, and I threw them both in the garbage.

Fuck Taco Bell, fuck them so hard.

Fuck Cinco de Mayo.

Fuck James Harden.

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